Donald Trump’s Team Is Supposedly Urging Him To ‘Continuously’ Make Fun Of Ron DeSantis’ ‘Tiny D’

In a classic case of It Takes One to Know One, Donald Trump’s attack plan against his Republican opponent for president, Ron DeSantis, is to make fun of his penis size.

According to Rolling Stone, some of Trump’s advisers are “urging him to continuously make reference to the size of DeSantis’ penis, telling him such insults could stick with GOP primary voters and mess with his rival’s head.” This alligns with a Bloomberg report from earlier this year about “Tiny D” being one of Trump’s possible nicknames for the Disney-feuding Florida governor; he went with the less successful “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

Now, “Tiny D” could be taken as a shot at DeSantis’ height (there’s weirdly no official online confirmation about how tall he is, but he’s most likely under six feet; Trump is 6′3″), but nope, it’s not. “He’s also short,” a source told Rolling Stone, “but, yes of course it’s about his penis, that’s why we’re doing it.”

Already, Trump has suggested that DeSantis, his chief rival, might be secretly gay. He’s gone after DeSantis over pronunciation of his own last name. He has claimed to have salacious dirt on Florida’s governor, that he might release during the primary. Recently, Trump’s campaign went after one of DeSantis’ top aides, apparently insulting her physical appearance.

With the fat and penis jokes flying, the GOP debates will have all the professionalism of a middle school playground at recess.

(Via Rolling Stone)