Dr. Fauci Clapped Back At Ted Cruz After He Said He Should Be Prosecuted: ‘What Happened On Jan. 6, Senator?’

Dr. Anthony Fauci has had to put up with no end of grief from the far right, and all because he wants to save lives. The longtime prominent immunologist miraculously managed to keep his job during Trump’s bungled attempts to deal with the pandemic, in part because he found a way to contradict the former president’s incompetent messaging while not getting (too much) on his bad side. But it’s been over 10 months since Trump has been out of office, so the gloves are off. Now when, say, Ted Cruz comes for him, Dr. Fauci has no problem clapping back.

On Sunday, CBS aired a sit-down with Dr. Fauci, he wrote off attacks from Republican congresspeople, notably his frequent sparring partner Senator Rand Paul, whom he has routinely humiliated. He dismissed it all as “theater.” He was also asked about Ted Cruz, who said Attorney General Merrick Garland should look into prosecuting him. And that simply made him laugh.

“I should be prosecuted? What happened on January 6th, senator?” Dr. Fauci responded in the midst of a good chuckle.

Fauci also agreed that such criticisms are, as CBS anchor Margaret Brennan put it, naked attempts from the GOP to make him “a scapegoat to deflect from” Trump’s failings. “Of course!” he said, adding. “That’s okay, I’m just gonna do my job. I’m gonna be saving lives, and [Republican lawmakers] are gonna be lying.”

Cruz, of course, has a long habit of picking fights he can’t win, picking himself up, and doing it again, as though nothing happened. He’s even been owned by the star of his favorite movie, and it doesn’t seem to faze him. In the meantime, Cruz still has his job, despite playing a role in the failed insurrection that endangered the lives of all his colleagues.

(Via The Daily Beast)