Eric Trump Is Being ‘Pan-Fried’ For His Confused Take On The Trump Family And Constitutional Violations

Don Jr. typically dominates the headlines, but Eric Trump is getting absolutely roasted on social media after attempting to claim that New York Attorney General Letitia James is violating the U.S. Constitution with her investigation into the Trump family business. Eric made the claim on Hannity on Monday evening, which is an interesting venue given the recent tension between the Fox News host and Eric’s father after the January 6 committee released text messages from Hannity saying Donald Trump should pull back on his election fraud claims.

Via Newsweek:

“She ran on the campaign promise of suing my father because she didn’t believe in his political party, because she didn’t like us, because the people of Washington, D.C. told her to do that. It violates the Constitution, it’s unethical, it’s wrong.”

Eric Trump went on to say the inquiry into his family is “third rate stuff” which he said you would expect to see in countries such as Russia and Venezuela, and said that New York prosecutors should be focusing on tackling violent crimes in the city.

Eric’s wild claims started immediately getting dunked on starting with author Michael Marshall Smith who tweeted, “I have pan-fried smarter things than Eric Trump and used them as a garnish on a side salad.”

And the hits kept pouring in:

(Via Acyn on Twitter)