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Facebook is now rolling out the changes to users’ default privacy settings (more on that here).  Some people (myself included) don’t like what Facebook now considers “publicly available information”: your friends list, name, profile picture, current city, gender, networks, and all the pages of which you are a fan.  Also, now when a friend of yours adds an app, that app can access your publicly available information, even though it was your friend, not you, who downloaded that app.  Some people are going so far as to ask if this is Facebook’s “Microsoft moment“.  It didn’t take long for at least one person to get burned by the changes.  He just happens to be one of the founders of Facebook as well:

As a result of a new policy that by default makes users’ profiles, photos and friends lists available on the web, almost 300 personal photos of founder Mark Zuckerberg became publicly available […]

[Kashmir] Hill reported that while Zuckerberg has in the past offered very limited access to his Facebook information, his profile is now “uber-public.” Hill reported: “I can see his wall, his photo albums, and his events calendar. Zuckerberg recently became a fan of Taylor Swift, uploaded graphic photos of The Great Goat Roast of 2009 three months ago, and plans to attend the Facebook holiday party on Friday night. I can even tell you where it’s going to be held.” [Yahoo]

Yeah, well, I can tell you what kind of underwear he likes and what shampoo he uses (commando and Prell).   I just wish he’d leave the light on when he’s sleeping.  These night vision goggles give me a headache.

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