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05.14.10 3 Comments

I’m supposed to self-promote the office supply art post again.  I’ve been labeled “unbearably unfunny” by no fewer than two Fark commenters over this one, so you know it’s good.

The official Cuse and Lindelof translator [WarmingGlow]

Adam Sandler’s production company bought the screen rights to Pixels by Patrick Jean (the short about classic video game sprites invading New York City). [Filmdrunk]

Wallace and Gromit make the case for London hosting the 2018 World Cup [WithLeather]

A look at the new Nike Air Lunar 180s. [SmokingSection]

History’s 9 worst modes of transportation [Guyism]

How today’s star athletes will look when they’re old (slideshow) [SportsPickle]

Best Sarah Silverman Program moments [Gunaxin]

TV viewers too lazy to reach for the remote during commercials, bloggers too lazy to rewrite this headline as something funny [Asylum]

New sketch from Derrick Comedy: Gink [CollegeHumor]

The healing power of coke and soft pretzels (cosplay picture) [Unreality]

Wikipedia drops Klingon character from logo, replaces it with a “real” language. Hab SoSlI’ Quch, Wiki. [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: “This Corgi really likes it when her owner talks like the Beatles. In fact, that is the only time she really wants to respond.” [via HYST]

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