Grand Slams: Federer Wins Fifteen

07.06.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

I’m not sure when Hip-Hop became an adjective (Can someone consult the OED for me?). But I am sure that if Gotty, KRS-ONe, Scarface, Snoop (the rapper) and Snoop (aka Felicia Pearson) were brainstorming a list of the least “Hip-Hop,” things in this world, tennis, Roger Federer and Wimbledon would be battling for the top of the list.

Some evidence: Federer’s from Switzerland, whose last contribution to popular music was either the Ricola commercials or The Sound Of Music soundtrack. Wimbledon’s so pretentious they call their tournament “The Championships,” just to remind everyone they don’t particularly care if the rest of the world exists. The food of choice is strawberries and cream. If the monarchy of England decides to attend, they sit in “The Royal Box,” as a reminder to the good old days of The Empire. All the players are required to wear all-white outfits, as if the presence of color or diversity would arise some sort of insecurity in the pale-faced Prisoners of Mother England.

But at TSS, we cover aim to covery history as well as Hip-Hop. And Roger Federer just made history, winning Wimbledon for the 6th time and, more importantly, the 15th Grand Slam tournament of his career to become unquestionably the greatest tennis player of all time.

As a sports fan, two things about Federer impress me. I’ve always admired his supreme talents as a tennis player. He combines of fluidity and power matches that of Jordan, Woods, Brady, Pujols, Bonds and the other athletic icons of our lifetime.

But more than his dominance, I admire the mental strength required to continually outlast his opponents, even if they are matching his physical game. He never gives in on a point, game or set, forcing his adversary to match his determination. Almost always, they eventually make a tiny error, a minor mistake. And then they lose.

So congratulations Roger. And if you do listen to Hip-Hop, feel free to blast Jay-Z’s “What More Can I Say?” You’ve earned it.

EDIT — Bonus clip created by Nike to honor Federer’s accomplishment. Featuring the likes of fellow Swoosh endorsers & accomplished athletes themselves, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and John McEnroe

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