Finns Go Nowhere Intentionally For Once

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It’s the eternal quest of driving games across the world; how can we fit in more attractive women in skimpy outfits? A close second is creating an immersive sense of realism that makes it seem like you’re actually driving, resulting in controllers that can cost enough to make your girlfriend dump you for spending that much money on something so stupid.  Luckily, the Finnish, having absolutely nothing better to do, have discovered a method to both create the most realistic driving simulation ever and waste far more money on a game controller than even people who paid for Steel Battalion.

By hooking up the PC to the car’s electronic controls, these Finns have discovered they not only have no lives, but also that the turning of the steering wheel, using the pedals, and shifting gears transfers perfectly to joystick commands on a PC.  They even worked out how to put the game data on the car’s dashboard.  All you need is to buy an asset which will become worthless ten years from now and you’ve got the perfect controller!  Video of it in action after the jump:

Our question is…can it play Twisted Metal?

[via Jalopnik ]

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