Frenchman Hunts Down And Stabs Counter-Strike Rival

06.01.10 9 years ago 2 Comments

A lot of my friends really enjoy downloading pornography playing Counter-Strike on their computers, but even I have to stop and question their levels of dedication at times. Though many players revel in the enjoyment that the first-person shooter offers, I’d argue that few are truly committed enough to actually kill for their online avatar. Thankfully, 20-year-old Frenchman, Julien Barreaux makes it easy for us to know which side of sanity he’s playing on these days. Justin spent an alleged six months hunting down the real world home of a man who had killed him online, so that he could stab the guy in the chest.

The 20-year-old, armed with a real-life kitchen knife, went to the man’s house and brutally stabbed him in the chest. The victim, identified only as Mikhael, survived the assault after the blade missed his heart by less than an inch.

“Barreaux was arrested within the hour and told us he had wanted to see his rival wiped out for killing off his character,” a police officer testified at the trial, the Telegraph reported. [NYDailyNews]

Missed the heart by less than an inch?! What a f–king noob! Ha, wait until the rest of the guys at Quiznos hear about this one. See, this is exactly why I try so hard to suck at all the video games that I play. Nobody ever got stabbed for letting a camper rack up headshots. I like to think of it more as life insurance, than anything else.

Special thanks to gizmodo for the tip.

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