People Are Roasting IHOP For Their IHOb Name Change Stunt

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06.12.18 13 Comments

Our long national nightmare is over. The International House of Pancakes has finally explained what the “B” in their new name “IHOb” means. After a week of unbearable suspense and rampant speculation, “IHOb” announced via the tweet above that the “B” stands for… burgers.

Wow. Amazing. Burgers. Not “breakfast” or “bankruptcy” or even “BETRAYAL.” Nope. Burgers. That thing you definitely go there to jam into your gob when you need to eat your syrup-drenched feelings. My tattoo is ruined.

To be fair, pancakes are still on the menu, and only one location (on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles) changed their signage; the stunt was done because IHOP wanted to draw attention [paywalled] to their new Ultimate Steakburgers. Is any attention good attention? Because, on Twitter, attention is exactly what they got:

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