Twitter Users Had Fun With Those New ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie Images

The sort-of live-action movie adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog has been the subject of internet mockery for some time now, thanks to a confusing first poster, an equally confusing second poster, and oh dear God the legs. The legs.

It’s always a strange time to be a Sonic fan, but Monday was an especially odd day, thanks to the Sonic the Hedgehog style guide released by Hamagami / Carroll, Inc., who included what appears to be new looks at the film Sonic’s apparent design and descriptions of his personality (“Chill & Likable,” “Mischievous but not Malicious”) in their style guide.

The movie doesn’t open until November 8th, and the first trailer hasn’t dropped yet, so we’ll wait to see where this goes before being too harsh. And anyway, some people had to sacrifice so much to make this happen:

Give that man/Erinaceinae all of the Oscars.

Other people on Twitter also made jokes about the new images, trying to nail down what the new Sonic reminds them of:

And, this being the internet, things got sexually explicit:

Some people were just angry:

Others were surprised:

While some people put aside their complaints and decided to set right what they thought went wrong:

And April reminded us it could always be worse:

(Hat tip to Kotaku and Polygon)

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