Will Smith’s Debut As Genie In ‘Aladdin’ Had The Whole Internet Making Jokes


The 2019 Grammy Awards had plenty of performances and tributes to music’s greatest acts. But the commercial that stole the show was Disney’s latest attempt to make the beloved animated movies you grew up watching a bit more lifelike. And in the process, at least when it comes to Aladdin, a lot easier to meme.

The newest look at Disney’s live-ish CGI reimagining of Aladdin features the first look at Will Smith is the movie’s blue-tinged genie. The original genie was famously voiced in a virtuoso performance by Robin Williams, but it didn’t look much like the actor and comedian. This version, however, has Smith taking over the linchpin role of the film. And, as it turns out, the Genie in the film is actually going to look like Smith. Just, well, extremely blue.

The reveal was actually a bit shocking. Sitting on my couch at home I accidentally said “good lord” out loud when he first showed up on screen. And clearly I wasn’t alone in feeling very unsettled by Smith as a CGI genie in the film. Twitter quickly filled with jokes about the Fresh Prince suddenly blue in the face.

Azul Smith was quickly photoshopped into a number of different situations as well.

And the biggest and most obvious Arrested Development joke got plenty of play.

Some blamed the CGI as a downgrade of technology.

Of course, some people were into it.

A trailer a movie doesn’t make, however, so maybe it will be fine and the film will be a hit. But Smith’s initial debut as blue certainly made the wrong kind of news on Sunday night.