A New Meme Is Spreading Like Magic On Twitter, One Summoning Circle At A Time

Via Disney / Twitter

Over the past week, another joke format gained in popularity on Twitter. As with other recent memes like “you want this?” or Historian Sign Bunny, this one is very visual. The new meme arranges emoji (usually the candle one) in a circle with the message “summoning circle, hope this works” and placing their desired magic result in the center.

Many of the summoning circles expressed a humble and understandable wish for an object, such as the tweet above from Patrick Monahan, a spell casting which was super effective:

We’ll stop now, before this just becomes a post full of dogs in sunglasses, not that we’d have any objection to compiling a power ranking of exactly that.

It wasn’t just dogs getting summoned for the purposes of a Twitter meme. This cat tried to summon some critters, too:

Other people made requests that seemed humble enough to us:

While other folks put more pressure on their summoning circles:

Some people were thinking outside of the box:

This guy made a classic callback to Stephen A. Smith’s greatest work. Take a look, y’all:

For the most part, people on Twitter were just trying to do their spells in peace like this cat was, but during these last two examples things went wrong.