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George Lucas went on “The Daily Show” to promote his new book, Blockbusting, which is about the shame of breaking cinder blocks when you sit on them (or it’s about movies or something). *continues eating second burrito while wearing sweatpants and making fun of someone else’s weight

Lucas shrugged when asked how he deals with the constant bombardment of criticism.

“Life is duality,” he said with Yoda-like equanimity. “It’s a work of fiction. It’s a metaphor. It’s not real. And therefore, you can either like it or not like it. Whatever.”

[…] For his part, Stewart said his son’s favorite movie is Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace, and Stewart said he’s explained to his son, “No, it’s not.” [SciFiWire]

The video is below, along with a .gif representation of Lucas in this interview.

[.gif via ONTD; banner pic source photos: /film and techeblog]

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