Geraldo Rivera Is Claiming That Fox News Colleagues Privately Thanked Him For Calling Out Tucker Carlson

With Fox News in his rearview after the veteran TV anchor walked away from the network over a behind-the-scenes dispute with another personality on The Five, Geraldo Rivera is opening up about his public rebuke of Tucker Carlson.

Even before Carlson’s revisionary take on the January 6 attacks made it to the air, Rivera was suspended by Fox for literally calling “bullsh*t” on Tucker’s attempt to paint the MAGA riot as a false flag. When the “documentary” aired earlier this year, it scandalized Fox News, and Rivera once again slammed Carlson shortly after the controversial anchor was shockingly fired.

However, Rivera would soon be next out the door, but he looks back proudly at his efforts to hold Tucker’s feet to the fire, which privately earned him the praise of his colleagues who were afraid to speak out.

“I got calls from within Fox. Right on. You know, we’re shocked, we’re outraged by what Tucker is trying to do. Thank you for speaking out, you know from people that could not speak out,” Rivera told Mediaite. “You know, I even advised some prominent people just to cool it, that I could, I’ll take the heat because I felt that I was more bulletproof. I mixed my metaphors there, but I felt that I could say things that others, perhaps more vulnerable in their or more early in their careers, could not say.”

Rivera went even further to say that his ouster at Fox had less to do with his reported clashing with Greg Gutfeld and more to do with his refusal to toe the network line.

“I don’t want to focus in on any particular person, you can read the record, but I can tell you what happened vis a vis me and Tucker because that was the real substantive part of it,” Rivera revealed.

(Via Mediaite)