Geraldo Rivera Came For Tomi Lahren Over The Anti-Vaxxer Canadian Truckers Who She Calls ‘Freedom Fighters’

During a tense episode of Fox News The Story, Geraldo Rivera pushed back on Tomi Lahren‘s praise for the Canadian truckers anti-mandate protest that’s been hell for local residents and causing disruptions in other countries. Lahren attempted to paint the truckers as freedom fighters, which left Rivera astounded at what he was hearing.

“Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa,” Rivera fired back at Lahren following her glowing remarks. While describing the damage the protest has done to everyday Canadians, and even Americans where supply chains have been disrupted, Rivera refused to accept Lahren’s framing that the truckers are sticking it to the elites. “To give them the mantle of freedom fighters is absolutely, appallingly naive.”

As things turned into a back-and-forth, Lahren bristled at Rivera’s use of the word “thuggish,” but the Fox News host was only getting started. Via Mediaite:

Later in the segment, Rivera called the truckers’ actions “selfish.”

“We want this behind us,” he said. “It’s been two years. I get that. But when you have protestors bringing Confederate flags and swastikas, and then to paint them in the same portrait as you name our Founding Fathers, I mean, what the hell is that about? This is very destructive.”

As their on-air dust-up started to make headlines, Lahren defended herself on Twitter by responding to Rivera’s rhetorical question: “Fighting for freedom is what it’s about!”

The situation was yet another example of Rivera trying to change the minds of his Fox News colleagues, which generally, never seems to works. As Lahren demonstrated, they stubbornly stick to their guns.

(Via Mediaite)