Get Us A Mario Kart Version of This Immediately

08.10.10 8 years ago

Paolo Robuffo Giordano and his team at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Germany have used a giant robot arm to simulate driving a Ferrari without having to be a rich douche or a car thief.  The arm they used is a Kuka KR 500 modified to be operated by the user sitting in it, playing a racing game.

They call it the CyberMotion Simulator; the player sits in a F1 Ferrari cabin suspended 6 feet off the ground, and then drives the car around a projected track with force feedback steering and pedals. The researchers claim their are using the robot arm to study how we perceive motion, I think they just wanted to have a kick-ass F1 simulator. [CrunchGear]

Finally (3 whole hours later), we’ve found the antithesis to that dork throne from earlier today.  That thing was overpriced and didn’t look fun.  This robot arm thing is worth every penny and I’d rip the arm off any robot to play it.  Other things I’d rip the arm off a robot for: a turkey sandwich, ten dollars in pennies, an autographed picture of Steve Buscemi, or just to show that robot who’s boss.

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