Glove Mouse Built for Less Than a Benjamin

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MIT students Tony Hyun Kim and Nevada Sanchez [awesomest name ever] built a wireless glove interface similar to the one in Minority Report.  Other glove interfaces have been built recently, but what caught my attention was that they built the whole system for about $100.  That’s the price of two

Each glove sports an LED on the back of the index finger, picked up by a low-res webcam to act like a cursor, along with buttons under the index and middle fingers activated by the thumb. It’s a little like Wiimote meets Peregrine and the result has a lot of potential to say the least. [Endgadget]

There’s video below.  They used a cheap webcam, an FPGA chip costing less than $50, a $5 RF receiver, a $17 LiPoly battery charger for the cell phone batteries in the wrists, LED lamps and illuminators costing less than $20, and I just put myself to sleep.  On second thought, I’d rather have the doggy high chairs.  Who’s a Mister Man eating burritos at the table?  Yes you are.


And here’s the real video:

Caution: audio gets really loud every time the music plays.

[Technical documents and parts list available at MIT]

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