‘I Told You So!’: ‘The Golden Bachelor’s Quickie Divorce Got Roasted By Ana Navarro On ‘The View’

As the news hit that The Golden Bachelor couple Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist are already filing for divorce after just three months of marriage, Ana Navarro could not wait to dunk on her The View co-hosts for making her talk about the reality show. The hilariously blunt co-host started firing right out of the gate, and unlike Whoopi Goldberg, Navarro had absolutely no qualms about saying “I told you so” — several times.

“For like, six months, you tortured me every Friday and made me talk about this topic, which I can’t stand because I think it’s manufactured and a complete crock,” Navarro said. “So, today, I get to say, I told you so, I told you so, I told you so!”

Navarro had previously blasted The Golden Bachelor back in October after the table got caught up about Turner crying during one of the episodes.

“Can I tell you something? I’m gonna be the one crying if we keep talking about The Bachelor,” Navarro said via Decider. “[The View producer] Brian Teta is gonna torture me about this every week. He said it’s the No. 1 show on Hulu. I want to be thrown on the other side of the [border] wall.”

With Navarro now right in her assessment that The Golden Bachelor was a “crock,” Sunny Hostin regretted getting caught up in the show while Alyssa Farah Griffith still held strong in her love for the reality series.

Via Entertainment Weekly:

“I’m upset because I thought since they were older they knew better and they could find love, and they didn’t,” [Hostin] said.

“You don’t watch it to watch people find lasting love, you do to see how the social experiment works. It’s filmed over six weeks, they’re dating other people. If you make it to the Honeymoon Suites, he’s probably slept with another person, or she, right before proposing to you,” Alyssa Farah Griffin added.

Relishing her victory, Navarro was given the opportunity to end the segment with a final jab at The Golden Bachelor.

“The mistake was going on national TV to try to feign a relationship and love,” Navarro said. “I’ve had pimples that last longer than this marriage!”

(Via Entertainment Weekly)