‘I Am Horrified’: Foodies Want Gordon Ramsay Locked Up For His ‘Abomination’ Of A Pizza

Sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad. The good: Gordon Ramsay recently shared a photo of fellow celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s dramatic weight loss. The bad: he made a pizza that might get him locked up in Italian prison.

Earlier this month, Ramsay shared a video on his official YouTube channel, “Gordon Ramsay Attempts to Cook a Full English Breakfast Pizza,” in which the British chef, well, attempted to cook a full English breakfast pizza. Did he succeed? It depends. How do you feel about pizza with beans, seaweed, and Bloody Mary ingredients?

I’m sorry in advance to anyone who lives in Italy, New York, Chicago, Detroit, New Haven, and anywhere else with good pizza.

“He topped the pie with egg, sausage, bacon, and black pudding as [he] made the meal from scratch out in the sun,” according to The Daily Mail, while “the sauce was made from baked beans, tomato and Bloody Mary cocktail ingredients vodka, Tabasco, and Worcestershire sauce.” The end result:

Via gordon ramsay

That… doesn’t look half-bad, but I’m sorry, I can’t get over the beans. And neither can the people in the replies to his video:

Gordon declares war on Italy

If a restaurant on kitchen nightmares was serving this he would lose his shit. “BEANS??? ON A FUCKING PIZZA!? IT’S A DISGRACE TO ITALY”

This is something Gordon would call a pile of shit on kitchen nightmares

I’ve just heard that the International Criminal Court has issued Gordon Ramsay with a warrant for his arrest. His crime = BAKED BEANS ON PIZZA!!!

Beans, seaweed, eggs on a pizza? NO.

If Gordon had been served that abomination in one of his kitchen contests, imagine his comments

As a fan of both Italian cuisine and British cuisine I am horrified.

the english have lost their pizza priviledges

The fact that the title says “attempts” speaks volumes

You can watch the video below.

(Via The Daily Mail)