We Wanted More Groot, But Not Like This. Never Like This.

If you saw Guardians Of The Galaxy and need more Groot in your life, indirivacua has created a Groot mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. The mod is based on scripts by Bob Lester and JulioNIB, which we unfortunately can’t link to because their site tried to put malware on my computer. This mod makes the player and some of the NPCs look like Groot, but they still say the same dialogue, which irks me. This also gives the player some of Hulk’s powers, including the ability to kick police helicopters out of the sky, as seen in the video above.

The real horror starts at the 1:25 point, when Groot heads over to the strip club for a private dance from Groot and also Groot. We are Groot.

Seriously though, this is raw, unadulterated nightmare fuel. There’s only one dancing Groot we’re interested in, and this piping hot cup of NOPE isn’t it.


Via Nerdcore