Sean Hannity Confused Chris Rock And Kid Rock, And People Have Jokes, Memes, And Questions

Ah, the art of the deflection. Sean Hannity’s one of the best at them, given that he’s prone to dropping a high-speed car chase at strategic moments. And one could argue that Biden’s assassination of the top Al Qaeda leader was (at least as far as timing goes) a deflection in and of itself because the U.S. could use some good news. Yet the point remains that Sean Hannity wasn’t too distracted by the move, or at least, deflection mode was very much a thing as he chatted with Tucker Carlson for handoff time.

In the process, Hannity made an offhanded comment that’s presumably about Kid Rock, but he said Chris Rock, and boy, those two guys could not be more different. Rock’s been busy lately growing tired of Will Smith mentions, and Kid Rock’s been a regular guest on Fox News, including visiting with Tucker. Yet here we are:

Tucker didn’t correct his colleague, and simply smirks, possibly not even catching the error in real time, or maybe he simply enjoys “alternative facts”? It’s difficult to tell, nor do we know if Hannity’s actually attended a Kid Rock concert (if he did, he must have vaped hard).

Naturally, this led to an instant Pointing Spider-Man meme because same room, same time, you know the drill.

Actually yeah, they have been in the same room together. Not that it really matters, but they touched base at the 27th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony in 2012.

Kid Rock Chris Rock
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Beyond this, get ready for memes and jokes. Exactly how do the kids do?

The lesson here: Keep on vaping and ignore all errors.