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Daniel’s burning masculinity is rumored to have started the blaze.

Not many people like to burn down their film sets these days, but that didn’t stop anyone from the Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows production crew, Friday night. Despite the efforts of six fire teams, a blaze still claimed the set of Hogwarts Castle, based out of Leavesden film studios in England.

The fire started during one of the film’s final battle scenes and is speculated to have been caused by a stoner pyrotechnician misjudged special-effects explosion. None of the film’s stars were on set when the fire occurred, but around 100 crew members were still forced to grab marshmallows, blankets and ghost stories evacuate.

Watford fire brigade commander Tony Smith said: ‘There is a big battle scene involving a lot of pyrotechnics and explosions. There is a mocked-up castle made of timber, steel and plastic – somehow it caught alight.’ [source]

Is it racist if I think that every time a British person says “timber, steel and plastic” they should have to sing the words like Mary Poppins? Anyway, the damage is estimated at around £100,000 ($150,000 US) or basically the lunch bill for a single day from Avatar.

Despite the obvious smiting from God, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows will still be presented in 3D and released in two parts. Oh yeah, it will also still make a sh-t load of cash-h-h-h-h-h…

*loses breath, walks away while fumbling inhaler*

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