Have Spacesuit – Will Travel…To Theaters

07.06.10 9 years ago

Ever watch Starship Troopers and think…”Hey, I wonder what this would’ve been like if they’d actually tried to adapt the original Robert Heinlein novel instead simply slapping some of the plot onto an already existing idea?” Well, you might get that chance with another Heinlein novel as Variety is reporting that Heinlein’s Have Spacesuit, Will Travel is being adapted for film by former Star Trek Voyager writer and Earth: Final Conflict producer Harry “Doc” Kloor.

Now you might be thinking that those two credits might not be the best credentials for adapting Heinlein’s brand of hard Science Fiction, but Kloor actually has the distinction of being the first American to get simultaneous PhDs in Chemistry and Physics, so he’s got some academic cred. Also, the Voyager episodes he co-wrote weren’t the worst episodes in the series (which for Voyager, is saying a lot.)The original novel follows the future adventures of  Clifford “Kip” Russell, a high school student who wins second prize in a radio contest. Instead of the grand prize of a trip to the moon, he wins an old, used Spacesuit, which he repairs. He then gets kidnapped by aliens and ends up before an Alien tribunal judging mankind.

The novel was the last of Heinlein’s “juvenile” novels aimed at young readers, or at least the last one published under that title. He’d originally intended Starship Troopers to be released as a juvenile, but the publisher, Scribner, rejected it and rival publisher Putnam released it for an older audience.

[Variety via SciFi Wire]

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