Henry Winkler Has HAD IT With The Democratic Party’s Polite ‘Decorum’

For the last year-and-a-half, the Democratic Party has been in control of the executive and the legislative branches of government. Not that anyone could tell. Since Joe Biden took office, Roe v. Wade has been overturned, guns have become easier to carry in public, the line separating church and state has become even blurrier, and same-sex marriage is at risk. And that’s just what the Supreme Court did in two weeks in June. Through it all, Democratic leaders have acted as though everything is normal, as though all they have to do is stick by the rules their colleagues on the other side of the aisle have ignored. And some Democratic voters are getting fed up.

Henry Winkler took a break from dropping images of him beaming after catching trout to tend to the other extreme of his personality: the one that’s righteously angry about what’s happening to America. “The Democratic Party’s Decorum is no longer acceptable ..,” Winkler posted on Twitter on Tuesday.

Winkler’s Fonz’s tweet didn’t seem to be prompted by anything in particular. On Tuesday, the Supreme Court didn’t gut any more basic human rights, Joe Manchin and/or Kyrsten Sinema didn’t block any bills that would help the American people, and Mitch McConnell didn’t do anything Machiavellian (that we know of). It was likely more of an evergreen tweet, expressing frustration with party leaders who don’t seem to have any ideas nor a strong sense of urgency. They just tell people to vote, again, but harder next time. The erstwhile Fonz is not alone.