Ivanka Trump Posted A Photo Of Her Dad ‘On’ Mount Rushmore, And People Are Dragging Her With Other Ideas Of Where His Mug Will Go

If we’re going by her Twitter feed, we’d say Ivanka Trump’s feeling a bit nostalgic. The White House senior adviser has, up until now, supported her father’s push to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 Presidential election, but a string of recent tweets looking back on Trump’s major “accomplishments” while in office may signal that she knows he’s on the way out and deserves a tribute.

Along with posts commemorating the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and some Winter Solstice trivia, Ivanka tweeted and RT’d moments from her timeline celebrating some of the biggest milestones in Trump’s presidency, but it’s her Mount Rushmore “thirst tweet” that’s getting the most attention. Trump’s been a bit obsessed with getting his face on the national monument — he posted the same photo Ivanka used in her tweets today back in August — and it seems his daughter is now campaigning for her dad to be immortalized in stone next to some of our greatest presidents (despite his disastrous handling of a global pandemic and the hundreds of thousands of Americans who died on his watch).

Naturally, Twitter had other ideas for where Trump’s face might end up once his reign is over.

All jokes aside, there are much bigger things to worry about than the ability of the narcissistic first family to disassociate themselves from reality while people are actually suffering right now. But hey, we’ve got to find the humor somewhere, right?