A Jan. 6 Rioter Was Busted After Bragging About His Involvement To His Uber Driver, Who Released Videocam Footage To The Feds

It’s been nearly a year and four months since an army of violent Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in D.C., and the feds are still rounding up perps. A number of them were busted in creative (which is to say dunderheaeded) ways. For instance, one perpetrator, who was arrested last month, bragged to his Uber driver about taking a key part in the Capitol storming, all while a webcam was rolling.

As per NBC News, Jerry Daniel Braun, a Jan. 6 participant, spent part of that evening being ferried in an Uber in downtown D.C. Some people hold conversations with their Uber drivers, and this man was no different. Braun showed up in the back of the driver’s car bruised, with an injury to his eye. They then had the following conversation:

“So, has it been violent all day?” the driver asked.

“Well, it started around, right when I got there. I tore down the barricades,” the man replied.

“You did?” the driver asked. “Why?”

“Well, because, so we could get to the Capitol,” the man replied.

“Well, how’d that work out for ya?” the driver asked.

“Well,” he replied, “it looks like, uh, Biden’s gonna be our president.”

The Uber driver tipped off the feds shortly thereafter, even providing his webcam footage. Fifteen months and some internet sleuthing later, and Braun joined the nearly 800 defendants charged in connection with the attack.

Braun joins a long list of Jan. 6 perpetrators with stranger-than-fiction apprehension stories. Who could forget the one who called lost-and-found for objects he left behind? The guy who bragged about pounding Coors Light while invading the Capitol? The guy busted while in a touring production of Jesus Christ Superstar? And then there’s the “influencer” who bragged that she wouldn’t go to jail because she’s “white.” Spoiler: She went to jail.

(Via NBC News)