‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Asked People On The Street About Donald Trump Building A Wall Around Wiz Khalifa

The “Confusing Question of the Day” bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live always does a great job at taking people’s ignorance of current events and using it against them. In the latest installment of the popular segment, Kimmel sent one of his crew to ask the following question: “In light of the recent stock market crash, Donald Trump has vowed to build a wall around Wiz Khalifa to protect Americans from anchor babies. Despite the Iranian nuclear deal, do you also support his proposal’s plan to lower taxes, giving way to newer, better emojis even if it thwarts Harry Styles’ efforts abroad?”

Interestingly, none of the people queried had any opinions on the recent stock market correction, which in itself is probably more confusing to figure out than the question that was asked.

(Via YouTube)