A Crowd Sure Enjoyed Hearing Joe Biden Call Donald Trump A ‘Loser’ (Of The 2020 Election, That Is)

Back in mid-2021, as his initially stuttering presidency took a turn for the better, Joe Biden got a new nickname: People started calling him “Dark Brandon.” It was a co-opt of the Republican slogan “Let’s Go Brandon,” twisting it to depict him as a badass who got stuff done. Lately Biden has been living up to that rep, kicking his re-election campaign into high gear by trashing his likely opponent, former president Donald Trump.

Per Mediaite, the current president spoke at the Mother Emanuel AME Church on Monday, where he drew cheers for calling Trump what he is: a “loser” (of the 2020 election, that is).

“Time and again they lost in every court of law that challenged the results, 60 losses in courts of America,” Trump told the crowd about his predecessor’s Sideshow Bob-on-rakes attempts to prove there was voter fraud in the 2020 election.

“There’s one thing they don’t have. They don’t have respect for the 81 million people who voted the other way, voted for my candidacy! And voted to end the presidency,” he continued. “In their world, these Americans, including you, don’t count. But that’s not the real world. That’s not democracy. That’s not America! In America, we all count! In America we witness to serve all those who, in fact, participate.

“And losers are taught to concede when they lose,” he added. Then he twisted the knife. “And he’s a loser!”

At that point the crowd hooted and hollered at Biden sticking it to the guy who sometimes can’t remember who replaced him in the Oval Office.

It was another forceful speech, coming mere days after he warned another crowd about the danger of a second Trump presidency. At that one, while speaking about him finding it funny that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, was attacked in his home, Biden seemed to come this close to calling Trump a “sick f*ck.” But simply calling him a “loser” is good, too.

(Via Mediaite)