Kayleigh McEnany Twisted Herself Into A Pretzel By Arguing That A President Can Be Impeached Without Committing A Crime

Kayleigh McEnany no longer works for Donald Trump, and has basically been disowned by the former president after he basically called her “milktoast,” but that hasn’t stopped the Fox News personality from going after Trump’s favorite target: Hunter Biden.

During Thursday’s episode of Outnumbered, McEnany flew off the handle after Jessica Tarlov accurately pointed out that Devon Archer’s testimony continued to show that there is no connection between Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings. Not only did McEnany misrepresent the facts of Archer’s testimony, but she twisted herself into a pretzel by arguing out loud that “a crime doesn’t have to be committed” to impeach Biden.

Via Acyn on Twitter:

What we’re listening to is called the “raising of the bar” defense. Jessica, you said it’s no big deal, Devon Archer’s testimony. Well, okay. Biden has repeatedly said, since the campaign trail, I never spoke to my son about his business dealing. Well, we learned from Devon Archer he spoke to him 20 times. He was on speakerphone, he attended meetings. Yet the White House told us he was never present at the 2015 meeting at Cafe Milano. So, you say it’s not a big deal. You’re saying it’s not a big deal that the President of the United States lied. Then you say, ok, no crime was committed. Again, you’re raising the bar. A crime doesn’t have to be committed here. The whole point is that this is corruption. The American people see this and say this stinks.

Considering McEnany worked for Trump, who’s already on his third indictment, it’s extremely rich to watch her lob accusations of corruption. More pointedly, she’s also accusing Biden of lying while misrepresenting Archer’s testimony, which backed the current president’s claims that he never spoke to his son about business.

Naturally, Twitter had a field day with McEnany’s remarks as people dragged her for not understanding how impeachment works, her past covering for Trump, and again, her false statements about Archer’s testimony.

You can see some of the reactions below:

(Via Acyn on Twitter, Raw Story)