Joe Scarborough Went All The Way Off On ‘Disgusting’ Defenders Of Trump: ‘You Shame Yourself Every Day’

Morning Joe wasted no time tearing into Republicans after a new bombshell report showed that Donald Trump and his inner circle knew that his efforts to overturn the 2020 election wouldn’t make it past the Supreme Court.

In a memo published by The New York Times, Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro acknowledged that the strategy to have then Vice President Mike Pence obstruct the election results process was “bold, controversial” and “likely” to be rejected even by Trump’s handpicked justices. However, the gambit “would focus attention on claims of voter fraud and ‘buy the Trump campaign more time to win litigation that would deprive Biden of electoral votes and/or add to Trump’s column.'”

After learning of the report, Joe Scarborough was furious. The Morning Joe host likened the scheme to Russia’s election interference efforts in 2016 and blasted Republicans for continuing to remain silent.

Via Raw Story:

You shame yourself every day. You shame yourself every day if you don’t see a linkage here, if you don’t see the linkage of the Russians trying to sow confusion, and then Donald Trump on his own, learning from people that he’s always admired, on his own, to just create a process that will sow confusion, that’s illegal, that will sow delay, and if he’s lucky, will create riots in the streets, and they can use the Insurrection Act to declare martial law.

“You call it free speech!” Scarborough said. “I call it un-American, and guess what, most Americans agree with me and not you. You’re disgusting! You’re absolutely disgusting if you’re going to forgive this type of behavior.”

The fired up Morning Joe host then proceeded to call out Republicans for their obsession with Hunter Biden.

“You talk about, oh, two standards of justice, and then you’re silent as Donald Trump threatens a federal prosecutor, an officer of the United States court system, saying, ‘I’m coming after you’ – silence.”

(Via Raw Story)