Oprah Passed John Fetterman A Last-Minute Endorsement While Warning Against The Threat Of The GOP

With only a few days left until the midterm elections, Oprah Winfrey offered her full endorsement to Pennsylvania Lt. Gov John Fetterman as he fights for a Senate seat against Winfrey’s former daytime TV rival Dr. Oz. While Fetterman has maintained a lead in the polls thanks to his relentless pummeling of Oz’s residency status (and the whole crudités thing), that gap has closed in recent weeks. Fetterman is also recovering from a stroke, which affected his sole debate performance against Oz. Republicans have capitalized on Fetterman’s oratory stumbles, but Oprah isn’t having it.

While hosting “A Virtual Voting Conversation” on Thursday, Winfrey threw her support behind Fetterman and outlined the direct threat posed Republicans picking up wins in the House and Senate. Via TODAY:

“If we do not show up to vote, if we do not get fired up in this moment, the people who will be in power will begin making decisions for us,” she said. “Decisions about how we care for our bodies, how we care for our kids, what books your children can read, who gets protected by the police and who gets targeted.”

Winfrey also threw her support behind Democratic candidates Val Demings in Florida, Beto O’Rourke in Texas, and both Raphael Warnock and Stacey Abrams in Georgia for representing “the values that we hold dear, the values of inclusion, the values of compassion and community that so many of us share.”

“So use your discernment, which seems to be missing in a lot of our, our our country today,” Winfrey concluded. “Use your discernment and choose wisely for the democracy of our country.”