John Oliver Had A Timely Mock Reaction To Chris Evans Being Crowned Sexiest Man Alive

It’s a Marvel twofer. Last year, Chris Evans fans were less than thrilled to see his MCU co-star, Ant-Man Paul Rudd, be crowned as PEOPLE‘s Sexiest Man Alive, but they’re receiving their wish this week. It’s a big year for Evans, too, given that he finally upgraded that iPhone 6 and has his Captain America days firmly in the rearview mirror while accepting the title as announced on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. What’s more is that he had a strong contender for the title in John Oliver, who broke away from his busy Last Week Tonight schedule to attend a Colbert taping, but alas!

You can watch Colbert’s mock tantrum after the 2:00 mark above, but here’s the face:

John Oliver Chris Evans Sexiest Man Alive

Naturally (and on the eve of Election Day), Colbert threw a timely little fit. A “Stop the Steal!” did happen, and then he marched right out of that studio while enraged over Evans not even showing up in person. Sadly, Chris was too busy on the set of his Amazon Christmas movie to attend. However, co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was on hand to insist that he’s the Sexiest Man “in perpetuity” (he did win the 2016 title), and from there, Evans urged people to get out and vote.

To PEOPLE, Evans remarked that he’ll soon be receiving some good-natured “bullying” and “harassment” from friends, but his mom is very excited: “I am not surprised at all… Our family will be beside themselves.” Should make for a fun Thanksgiving.