Kooky Kari Lake Is Now Blaming ‘Clowns’ For Her ‘Shady’ Election Loss, Which Happened Because Her Opponent Got More Votes Than She Did

Since the moment wacky Kari Lake announced that she was running for governor of Arizona, it was clear that the one-time news anchor’s campaign would not end well. Either Lake would win, giving yet another unhinged conspiracy theorist a vote in the way our country is run, or she would lose — and refuse to accept the results because the only way she could possibly lose (as she told us from the beginning) was if the election was rigged. Which seems as convenient as it is crazy.

Yet here we are, more than one month after Election Day, and Lake is STILL trying to get someone — ANYONE — to take her election fraud complaints seriously. Which is really never going to happen (unless you count Mike Lindell as “someone”). Which is just what happens when you announce your intention to dispute a loss months ahead of actually losing. Yet Raw Story reports Lake has just released another video, in which she looks like she’s being held hostage in a ring light factory, where she explained (AGAIN!) that she’s going to be contesting the results of the election, just before she described our country’s election workers as “clowns.”

As you saw earlier this week, some of the — I call them clowns — of the circus running our elections, actually certified the election. My opponent, Katie Hobbs — who should’ve revised herself, but oversaw the election in a very shady and shoddy way.

Lake claimed that a lot of people had been asking her why she wasn’t contesting the election, but confirmed that it first had to be certified in order to contest it. And now that that has happened, Lake promises that “we will be contesting it.” And says that she’ll be doing that today.

In other words: Watch out, clowns. Kari Lake is here!

(Via Raw Story)