Kooky Kari Lake Thinks We’re All Going To Become ‘Slaves’ If She Isn’t Appointed Arizona Governor

Arizona loser Kari Lake has never made a secret of the fact that she would not accept defeat. But the lengths to which the failed gubernatorial candidate is going in order to somehow insert herself into an elected office that the majority of her would-be constituents voted against seeing her occupy is getting hella creepy. In her latest desperate attempt to remain relevant, the former TV personality has invoked God, of all people. Though exactly what The Almighty has to do with Lake’s failed election is anyone’s guess.

As Raw Story reports, Lake’s latest plea to her fellow Arizonians played out more like a hostage video — with the viewers being the ones who were seemingly threatened. On Tuesday, Lake chatted with conservative activist and host Charlie Kirk, and issued a warning to her followers that until she is named governor, they will be made “slaves.”

Lake — who, again, LOST her election — seems to be under some sort of illusion that she’s just being tested by God (though your guess as to what she was saying is as good as ours). Of her loss, Lake noted:

God never said this was going to be easy… But He put us here at this moment for a reason. He doesn’t make mistakes. He knows that we are the people to fight through this and save our country. I truly believe that. And this is not hyperbole.

It is our moment right now, Charlie, to prove that we love this country, to prove that we’re in it for the fight.

Look at China. If we don’t stand up right now, we will become China. And I’m not talking about these heroic people in China. I’m talking about we will become slaves because globalism, that’s what it has in mind for us. We become slaves to a system.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that even God is like: Huh?!

Lake went on to encourage her followers to fight for her, because “If we don’t stand up and fight, what are we telling our grandkids and our children? That we don’t care about their future?”

That, or that you ran for office and lost?

You can watch her bizarre rant — and attempt to make sense of it yourself — below.

(Via Raw Story)