Kayleigh McEnany’s Claim That Christ Gave Her ‘Serenity’ (For Her Lie-Filled Trump Press Conferences) Is Not Going Over As Planned

In a new interview with Fox Nation, former Donald Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany revealed the divine inspiration she received before holding her first press briefing with the White House press corps. According to McEnany, she was so nervous that she found herself crying in the bathroom where she began to pray and allegedly received the calm touch of Jesus, who prepped her to spout Trump talking points in front of the whole world. Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter:

“I was a wreck, I was crying .. I got down on my knees in the bathroom and I prayed. All of the sudden, when I took the podium, all those tears had melted away and I had this total serenity that was only made possible because of Christ.”

Considering who McEnany worked for and the numerous falsehoods she told in service to that administration, and continued to tell while making the inevitable jump to Fox News, there was plenty of eye-rolling on social media as people asked if she’s seriously trying to say that Jesus told her to lie for Donald Trump. It also doesn’t help that McEnany was so ensconced in Trump’s efforts to undermine the 2020 election that she’s been subpoenaed by the January 6 select committee. It’s not exactly a sterling reference for the Almighty, as Twitter observed.


(Via Ron Filipkowski on Twitter)