Kelly Loeffler Is Being Blasted For Her Trump-Like Refusal To Concede After Losing To Raphael Warnock In The Georgia Runoff

In case you missed it, Senate Republican Kelly Loeffler just lost her seat in Congress after Reverend Raphael Warnock edged her out in a highly-publicized runoff in Georgia.

Warnock, a pastor at the late John Lewis’ church, becomes the first Black senator in the state’s history, and the first Democrat elected to that post in 20 years. Perhaps more importantly, his win inches the Democratic party toward majority control of the Senate. But while Warnock’s camp, and progressives everywhere, are celebrating, Loeffler is having a hard time accepting her clear defeat.

The appointed official and former businesswoman spoke in front of a crowd of supporters last night as the count took a bad turn for her campaign, refusing to accept the projected outcome and vowing she’d come out on top once all the votes were tallied.

Her delusional optimism — and her insistence on sporting plaid button-ups and puffer vests in an attempt to con the good people of Georgia into thinking she’s actually not a millionaire who allegedly participated in insider trading when the pandemic began — might be commendable to some. To Twitter? It’s just another excuse to dunk on a Trump supporter who tossed out her conservative values to simp for a right-wing pandering TV personality with narcissistic tendencies. Please, do enjoy the roasting that follows.