Science Understander Kevin Sorbo Has Once Again Been Dragged For An Inane Tweet About The Pandemic

We’re over two years into a once-in-a-century public health crisis, and yet many on the right still don’t seem to understand the basics. As a result, deaths from COVID-19 have long been overwhelmingly from those who listen to the likes of Tucker Carlson, who’ve played down its severity. Another person who’s done this is Kevin Sorbo, who used to be best known as a TV Hercules and now only gets headlines for spouting far right nonsense. Last month he was widely dragged for saying something dumb about vaccines. Now he’s at it again.

“Remember when we treated the flu with tea, soup, and saltines instead of communism,” Sorbo wrote, ending his question with a period, perhaps because no one remembers a time when that’s how you cured the flu.

It’s a common misconception, spread by many Republicans, including a certain former president. COVID is not the flu, as the flu doesn’t tend to kill just shy of one million Americans in only two years, and over six million worldwide. Yet people like Sorbo somehow missed that information.

And so once again, Sorbo — whose job now appears to being owned on social media, including by former colleague Lucy Lawless — was mocked for being a terrible science understander.

Some focused on his sagging career.

And others took a more serious bent, reminding him that many have needlessly suffered and died over the last two years.

(Via HuffPost)