Kevin Sorbo’s Attempt To Slam Vaccines Backfired Spectacularly When He Accidentally Made The Case For Free Healthcare

You might not know that Kevin Sorbo — TV’s Hercules in the back half of the ‘90s; star of Kull the Conqueror — found a second life as a star of the far right. He played a mean atheist professor in the first God’s Not Dead. He played a mean atheist in a faith-based movie he directed himself. Sorbo has range! You might not have seen those, but you may have seen him getting dragged online for opinions ranging from the efficacy of masks to him mocking Hunter Biden’s drug addiction.

Now Sorbo is back making dunkable tweets. On Monday, he tried to make an obscure point about vaccines and, of course, only succeeded in accidentally singing the praises of free universal healthcare.

“If the shots were given away for free because they’re life-saving, why isn’t insulin free? Chemotherapy? Epipens?” Sorbo tweeted.

It’s a fair question, Kull: Why are people who are born with or catch deadly diseases forced to pay through the nose just to stay alive? Assuming he was genuinely concerned for people with diabetes or cancer — a big if — it sure would make sense to extend the same care the government is bequeathing so that people don’t die from a highly transmissible disease. (Then again, diseases like diabetes and cancer aren’t contagious like COVID, which fellow winger Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t seem to understand either. But the larger point he almost certainly didn’t mean to make remains.)

In any case, a lot of people who don’t normally agree with Kevin Sorbo — perhaps even his sometime co-star Lucy Lawless, who dragged him over a year ago about a separate matter on which he was emphatically wrong — found themselves agreeing with him on the subject of socialized medicine.

Some thought he was simply on the verge of a major epiphany.

In any case, welcome to the resistance, the villain from God’s Not Dead 1.