King Crab Attack!

Entertainment Editor

I think that translates to, “Hey, check me out.  I’m a crab.”

Awhile back we posted a couple trailers for King Crab Attack!, a retro French short film about giant, genetically-engineered crabs attacking a quiet seafront community.  Now the whole six minute film is online (below), directed by Grégoire Sivan and starring Jean-Pierre Martins (La Vie en Rose).   It’s in the st yle of an extended trailer that gives away every plot point, except unlike, say, the Dolan’s Cadillac trailer, they actually intended to summarize an entire (nonexistent) film with a long trailer.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure Dolan’s Cadillac was a real full-length film either.  I never saw it come to the theater here, and with a star like Christian Slater playing the bad guy, how could it not?

[Danke, Nerdcore.]

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