Kommentariat Comments of the Week: October 1-7, 2014

10.08.14 3 years ago 58 Comments
Certificate Of Merit Oct 7


As Peter King would say, it’s funny how Comments of the Week work. Sometimes the funny comes from lots of different threads. Sometimes the jokes are concentrated in clusters in one thread. Sometimes one person makes their own little comedy pyramid like Rikki-Tikki-Deadly did in the Matt Prater Named Top Prize In McDonald’s 2014 Monopoly Promotion post by telling the story of the NFL in Community Chest and Chance cards. Well done, RKD. That was might tasty commenting and we didn’t even have to buy McNuggets to enjoy them.

This week’s KOTWs are of the clustered variety and show us that no matter what the topic, we can always dig to deeper levels of depravity through laughter.

I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your Comments of the Week for the week ending October 7, 2014. Don’t look now, but hockey comes back today and the NBA starts in like two weeks. We will need each other for strength in these trying times.

Report: Bironas had .218 BAC night of accident, traces of Valium found


It’s a shame that on his last attempt, he hit the post.


I love it when you call me Bob Poppa

Being drunk and a Titan almost never pays off.

We’ll Never Get That Three Hours Back

Culliver Glove

I don’t blame Thursdays. I blame McCown, Ponder, and Cousins as starters in three of the games.

The KSK Scale of Sadness: Week 5


If Cleveland is the Factory of Sadness, than Jacksonville is most certainly the barrels of toxic waste buried just outside the city limits.

(Reply)Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant

The Jaguars are that “Lost Cat” poster that has been stapled to a telephone pole for over a year.

– “Huh. I wonder if the owners realize that cat is dead?”

(Reply) skim172

Rather than a factor, Jacksonville is more like a Shipyard of Pointlessness and Unprofitable Endeavor.

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