A Fox News Guest Called Out The Network Live On-Air For Pushing Dangerous Racist Rhetoric

As Fox News (and more specifically, Tucker Carlson) continues to face criticism for pushing the Great Replacement Theory cited in the Buffalo mass shooter’s manifesto, political strategist Kristal Knight took things a step further by calling out the network directly to its face.

While appearing as a guest on The Faulkner Focus on Thursday morning, Knight was asked about Elon Musk vowing to never vote for Democrats again because it’s now the “party of division & hate.” She found his comments “interesting” considering the Republican Party has been getting behind the Big Lie, and oh yeah, promoting the Great Replacement theory on a certain news network. Via Mediaite:

“We also have to remember the ‘Great Replacement’ theory that has been spewed on this network alone, and the Buffalo shooter referenced it. These are all remnants of the Republican party. That’s the party of hate.”

Host Harris Faulkner turned the show over to conservative journalist Charlie Hurt who admonished Knight for calling out Fox, yet offered no counter-argument to her remarks. “I just think the idea of taking a horrible, horrible, unthinkable tragedy like what we saw in Buffalo, New York and trying to advance a partisan political agenda off of it is just beyond reprehensible to me,” Hurt said.

As for Carlson, he’s attempted to distance himself from the Buffalo shooting by acting like he doesn’t know what replacement theory is now. “You’ve heard a lot about the great replacement theory recently. It’s everywhere in the last two days and we’re still not sure exactly what it is,” Carlson actually had the gall to say on the Tuesday night episode of his show.

However, Carlson can’t hide the clips showing him promoting replacement theory and bringing on proponents of the racist theory on his show. Unfortunately, Fox News audiences aren’t big on evidence and Carlson is sure to see little-to-no blowback from viewers.

(Via Mediaite)