Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Was Very Annoyed That Tucker Carlson Kept Filming His Client For A Documentary Special

On Friday, a jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teenager who killed two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer, of all charges, including homicide. There was much dismay over the verdict on the left. On the right, there was much rejoicing. Multiple Trumpist lawmakers said they wanted him as an intern. Tucker Carlson, meanwhile, scored Rittenhouse’s first big interview, which will air Monday. But all along he’s been filming a documentary special, which will air in December. But one of the young man’s attorneys was none-too-pleased about Carlson’s frequent presence.

On Friday, defense attorney Mark Richards told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that he repeatedly took issue with the Fox News host hanging around. “I did not approve of that,” Richards said of the special, which will air on the Fox Nation app. “I threw them out of the room several times,” Richards told the host. “I’m not suggesting that Fox or some other network … I don’t think a film crew is appropriate for something like this.

“The people who were raising the money to pay for the experts and to pay for the attorneys were trying to raise money and that was part of it,” Richards added. “So, I think … I don’t want to say an evil, but a definite distraction was part of it. And I didn’t approve of it, but I’m not always the boss.”

Cuomo also asked Richards about whether, given the presence of Carlson and the cheerleading by many on the right, that his client was “going to become a stooge of that fringe of our political spectrum.”

“I had a talk with Kyle. All I can say is what I say,” Richards replied. “And Kyle’s going to have some hard choices in his life about the direction he goes and what he stands for. Those will have to be made by Kyle eventually.”

(Via HuffPost)