‘Pro-White Nationalism’ MAGA Activist Laura Loomer Lost The Republican Primary, But Has Declared ‘I Actually Am The Congresswoman’ Anyway

Wherever the phrase “you can’t argue with crazy” appears, Laura Loomer’s photo should be next to it. The MAGA-fied conspiracy theorist does not know when to quit — literally. Though she was hot to steal incumbent Florida congressman Daniel Webster’s seat from right out under him, and came frighteningly close to doing just that, she ultimately lost Tuesday’s primary by six points. But don’t try telling her that.

In the wake of her defeat, Loomer took a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook and stated that she would not concede as there was obviously voter fraud (funny how that always happens when MAGA diehards lose, but never when they win). Now, as Raw Story reports, Loomer is taking her fight one step further — and one giant leap toward anarchy — by just simply declaring herself the winner, the same way that Michael Scott would declare bankruptcy.

On Thursday, Right Wing Watch shared a Telegram post from Loomer in which she stated: “The Congressional seat in Florida’s 11th District is mine for the taking. And I will be the Congresswoman from Florida’s 11th District.”

But somewhere in between that sentence and the next she somehow decided that she already had taken the seat, despite losing the primary:

I actually am the Congresswoman in Florida’s 11th District, and everyone knows it.

Everyone?” Loomer might want to try telling the Republican voters who chose Webster as their candidate that.

(Via Raw Story)