Lauren Boebert Has Been Accused Of Covering Up A Serious Injury-Causing Accident Days Before Her 2020 Primary

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s primary in Colorado is right around the corner. That’d be June 28 to be specific, and she sure grew awfully quiet (practically sticking her head into the sand) after fellow far-right incendiary Madison Cawthorn was unseated during his North Carolina primary. That loss went down largely due to GOP embarrassment after the American Muckrakers PAC devoted themselves to his political demise and leaked damaging videos to that effect. The group then announced their intent to unseat Boebert as well. That’s led to a fraud investigation about how Boebert concocted astronomical campaign write-offs, and it’s not over yet.

We’ve also heard Boebert’s ex-employees airing grievances, including accusations of missing paychecks while Boebert allegedly splurged on breast implants, and now, there’s an even more disturbing set of allegations involving bodily harm. News of how she allegedly caused a serious auto accident (and fled the scene) will likely not go over well in Boebert’s district. The accident in question (dug up by the Muckrakers) involved Boebert reportedly (according to Daily Mail) crashing an ATV (which “careened down a ravine and smashed into a rock face in Moab, Utah”) mere days before her 2020 primary. She allegedly fled to save her own political tush, leaving her own son (and her dog) behind, and her former sister-in-law (Tori Hooper) was seriously injured.

The accident, which was never reported (allegedly due to Boebert’s pleas with her sister-in-law) was confirmed by Hooper’s mother after a source to Daily Mail:

Boebert’s former sister-in-law, Tori Hooper, 28 who was married to her brother Benjamin Bentz was left struggling to take control of the Jeep ATV as it careened down a ravine and smashed into a rock face in Moab, Utah after the congresswoman abandoned the driver’s seat

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: ‘It was pretty crazy. She [Boebert] got out of the driver’s seat and left Tori screaming and freaking out, and her son and dog in the back seat.

“Tori couldn’t get out of her seatbelt, so she grabbed the steering wheel. She’s steering into a cliff. They hit a rock wall; it struck her whole face. It was bad.”

The Daily Mail‘s source also revealed how (allegedly) “Lauren begged Tori not to say anything. She tried to use her money. She said: ‘I’ll pay for it all,’ but Tori had insurance, so she didn’t have to pay for anything.” Tori reportedly suffered broken teeth as relayed by coworkers at Boebert’s Shooter’s Grill, along with a broken nose (which later had to be rebroken during surgery) and other assorted injuries.

Boebert has yet to provide comment on the allegations, although the Daily Mail reported that noises are being made about child protection officials possibly investigating Boebert “for reckless abuse of a child,” given that her son was in the vehicle.

Her challenger, State Senator Don Coram, hopes to unseat Boebert on June 28.

(Via Daily Mail)