Lauren Boebert Compared Joe Biden To ‘Prince John’ And No One Has Any Clue What On Earth She’s Talking About

Lauren Boebert has been in rare form lately. The Colorado representative, whose antics can be easily confused with that of bestie Marjorie Taylor Greene, is hot off of publicly showing how little she knows about Russia. Then there’s last week’s State of the Union, in which both she and Greene were total nuisances but only Boebert heckled President Joe Biden as he was ahout to talk about his dead son Beau. Her timing is terrible, as further evidenced by her attempt at a Biden diss involving a mysterious “Prince John.”

As per Mediaite, Boebert was one Fox News’ newish hit show Jesse Watters Primetime, where she was talking about high gas prices again. Specifically, they discussed how leaders of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates both reportedly refused to speak with Biden about exporting more oil. They suggested Biden isn’t respected, with Boebert getting into some convoluted joke about him selling oil to foreign powers, then buying it back, or something.

“I’m just worried if we are going to call on Alaska to start producing this, is Biden going to want to sell it to the Saudis or Venezuela, and think that’s the only way that he will be able to buy oil and gas from Alaska?” Boebert tried to joke. “But, in all seriousness, here’s Biden’s energy policy: anyone but America. OPEC, Venezuela, you name it, if it’s not American energy, Joe doesn’t want it.”

She then badly fumbled another joke. “And I don’t know who is running the federal government these days, Joe Biden or Prince John from, uhh — Prince John,” she said, visibly realized she forgot the punchline, if there ever was one. “But they are taxing us into poverty.”

There are a number of Prince Johns throughout British history, but perhaps she was referring to the prince regent who ascended to the throne in 1199, reigning over the following 17 years. Historians take a complicated view of his tenure, but his negative qualities inspired many villainous depictions in fiction, amongst them in the legend of Robin Hood. Prince John doesn’t always play a big part in modern day Robin Hood retellings; he’s not in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (nor the Taron Egerton one you may have already forgotten), and he plays only a smallish role in the one with Russell Crowe. But he’s a memorably louche baddie in Disney’s 1973 animated take, in which he’s a sleepy lion voiced by Peter Ustinov.

Did Boebert’s brain stop on a Disney movie she probably watched as a kid then break down mid-joke? Is even that giving her too much credit? Whatever the case, when the clip hit social media, people tried to figure what on earth she was talking about.

Some just made jokes.

Or maybe she was telling the truth, but only about herself.

In the meantime, Boebert has a challenger to her congressional seat, and he recently released an ad featuring lots of literal s*it.

(Via Mediaite)