Lauren Boebert’s Silver Lining To Waiting So Long For Reelection Results Is Inspiring No Shortage Of Comebacks

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is still waiting to find out whether she lost or won her reelection bid in Colorado’s third congressional district. It’s a red-leaning district by nature, but here we are. Boebert will probably squeak out a win against the relatively unknown Adam Frisch, but is it really good news for her? She believes so, as evidenced by an early “Winning!” declaration.

Currently, the AP has Boebert sitting with a razor-thin lead at 50.2% (162,040 votes) against Frisch’s 49.8% (160,918 votes) with 99% of votes counted, and no matter how slight her win will be, she’ll likely start tweeting again about “losers.” There’s a likely recount in her future as well, but Boebert is here with a silver lining that she believes will make the wait worthwhile.

“Waiting this long for election results is going to make firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House that much sweeter,” she tweeted.

To that, people were ready and waiting to point out how, even if Boebert wins, she’s still not doing so great, given that she somehow transformed a majority red district into “a toss up.” This much of a close race for a freshman’s reelection bid doesn’t bode well for a long political career, and people wonder why she’s not acting “humbled” by this experience. Instead, she’s claiming that she’ll fire Nancy Pelosi after already declaring that she dreams of being House Speaker one day. This doesn’t seem likely to happen, and people are talking back.

A decent point here: Boebert has never truly accounted for her Pelosi tweets on Jan. 6.

And the wait continues!