Lauren Boebert’s ‘Rosa Parks’ Tweet Only Adds To Her Bad Week Of Bud Light And Drag Storytime Stumbles

Lauren Boebert is not having a rootin’ tootin’ great week. She somehow one-upped her previously worst beer-associated tweet (crediting a quote by John Adams to Samuel Adams) with an almost impressive Bud Light self own, in which she completely veered past the actual ideologies and tragic experience of fallen U.S. soldier (and former NFL player) Pat Tillman. Boebert also saw her own constituents defy her warning about drag story times and go on to merrily hold a successful such event in her Colorado district.

Before both of these happened, though, Boebert tweeted about a civil rights icon in a not-a-good-look take that’s worth circling back for.

Boebert decided to tweet without citation about a recent Ohio incident involving a woman, who may have been mentally ill, getting into an altercation (as reported by TMZ) with a Target security guard and declaring that her grocery bill should be free as “reparations.” The incident grew violent, and the woman was arrested and hit with a fine.

For unknown reasons, Boebert relayed the news story as an anecdote and then tweeted, “Rosa Parks paid for her bus ticket, lady.”

So… a joke? No one really knows, and Boebert didn’t really explain the point that she was trying to make. Was she dropping vague praise for Rosa Parks, too? That shall remain a mystery, but the overall sentiment from respondents is that there was actually no point to her tweeting this. As incendiary as Boebert’s positions in Congress are, her detractors would still prefer that she use her time for congressional duties or, at least, tweet about something that is relevant to an issue tackled by Congress.

As well, it’s not fantastic for a lawmaker to come for the mentally ill or let the (alleged) racially charged remarks fly.

The week is still young, as well. We may very well see another Boebert controversy, and as we speak, the Democratic candidate who nearly beat Boebert, Adam Frisch, has been a fundraising demon while generally running on the “Not Boebert” platform.