Lauren Boebert Mistakenly Made Up An Army Rank While Attempting To Justify Heckling Biden’s SOTU Address

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert is at it again. This time around, she’s not dabbling in international relations (and showing how very little she knows about Russia), but she’s attempting to explain why she interrupted Biden’s State Of The Union address while heckling him. In doing so. she (and Marjorie Taylor Greene) made spectacles of themselves while he was talking about his son’s death. All of this happened after Boebert showed up in a “Drill Baby Drill”-emblazoned wrap, which Ted Cruz loved, and she later tried to defend her heckling to little positive effect.

Enter this video, in which Boebert looks like she’s dabbling in the joys of Glamour Shots-style filters. It’s interesting, that’s for sure, but more than her different look, she’s telling people about how a military mother wanted her voice to be amplified. “After I spoke up for our 13 fallen military heroes at the State of the Union address a few of their parents reached out to thank me for recognizing them,” the Rifle Republican wrote on Twitter. “One of the parents encouraged me to share her message. Here it is.”

There’s one glaring problem here. Boebert gives lip service to the supposed rank of the son whose mother she claimed to speak with, and as attorney Ron Filipkowski points out, however, there’s “no such thing” as a “lieutenant corporal.”

Perhaps Boebert meant to say “lance corporal” or something altogether different, but who really knows. (Boy, the midterm elections should be fun!)