Lauren Boebert’s Bud Light Self-Own Is As Mind-Boggling As When She Confused Samuel And John Adams

For a former owner of a bar and grill (no RIP has yet surfaced for Shooter’s Grill’s pork sliders), Lauren Boebert sure does trip up on the subject of beer. The last time that this happened, Boebert credited a quote by John Adams (the 2nd U.S. president) to Samuel Adams (a founding father, yes, but more commonly referred to as a beloved brewery’s namesake). She has also, on a similar note, botched pronouns while shading trans rights.

Now, the lawmaker from Colorado has combined both rootin’ tootin’ pastimes to step into the same anger-bear shoes that Kid Rock wore while shooting up Bud Light cans out of protest for the brand’s campaign starring trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. Boebert is keeping the MAGA-themed fury alive, but she strangely chose to do so with this mocked-up graphic of fallen U.S. Army Specialist-Turned-Corporal (and former NFL player) Pat Tillman on a beer can. Boebert also tweeted, “Hey Bud Light, here’s the one America wanted!”

Boebert does not appear to look at her replies because this tweet still exists. However, one user swiftly tweeted a quote from the 2017 The Athletic-relayed anecdote from Tillman’s college coach, Lyle Setencich:

“‘Hey coach, you ever coach any gay guys?’ That’s what Pat said to me. I said. ‘I have.’ Pat said, ‘What do you think about gay players?’ This was in the middle of the 1990s. I said, ‘I’ don’t know all the issues but if they can play football I love them,'” Setencich recalled. “‘Good,’ said Pat. “Good.'”

As well, the Pat Tillman Foundation’s website has pointedly celebrated Pride Month, and this doesn’t even touch how Tillman was killed by friendly fire while on tour in Afghanistan. Let’s just say that there are lots of layers here, and Boebert appears to be unaware of them, and people let her know this.

Is this all Boebert “performance art”? An interesting thought.