‘Lowlife’: Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert’s Post-‘Beetlejuice’ District Move Hasn’t Impressed Her New Constituents

Lauren Boebert’s decision to switch voter pools followed her groping-and-vaping Beetlejuice debacle that essentially guaranteed that the tiny lead that she held in 2022 over Democrat Adam Frisch was gone. The far-right congresswoman then declared, not based upon her behavior, that she was moving to the deeper-red 4th congressional district in Colorado, but the reception has been chillier than the snow on the ground.

Boebert believed that the more solidly Republican fourth district would somehow be more receptive to her reelection. She has already blamed the “dark money” of “socialism” and “communism” for her nose dive in 3rd district supporters, but then she switched excuses during a GOP debate to claim that she moved for “a fresh start” for her family after divorce. She has also ignored “carpetbagger” accusations while coming up fifth in her new district on the GOP ticket. Now, the Wall Street Journal has quotes from her new Republican constituents, who are not impressed. A few selections:

– “I don’t appreciate, as a Christian, people saying they’re Christian to get your vote and then turning out to be a lowlife… And now I just kind of think of her as a lowlife.”

– “I will not vote for her. Period. She’s not one of us.”

This article followed about a month after Boebert attempted to make a Beetlejuice joke while addressing her new district, and nobody laughed with her. Well, she should at least count herself lucky enough to have Cameo as a post-Congress option like her pal, George Santos. He’s (allegedly) making some bank at a pretty easy gig.

(Via Wall Street Journal & Axios)